Uttara University maintained programming contest progress in AUB IUPC ’18

1st AUB IUPC 2018

Uttara University participated in the AUB Inter University Programming contest 2018, held on 12th May. Out of the three teams from Uttara University, ‘UU_InfiniteComplexity’ secured the 18th place among 41 teams from 25 different universities including renowned universities like BUET, RUET and IUT. UU_InfiniteComlplexity consisted of Sajal Ahmed(34th Batch), Abdullah Al Maruf(35th Batch), Md. Arafat Rahman(41th Batch) from the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. Other two teams nearly solved 4 problems in total. Uttara University is growing up rapidly in the sector of programming contest.

Here is the full ranklist:


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