Uttara University Signed a “Cooperation Agreement” with British American Resource Center (BARC)


Uttara University (UU) signed a “Cooperation Agreement” with the British American Resource Center (BARC) on 20 December 2017. The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Uttara University and Mohammad Maruf Firoz, Founder and CEO of British American Resource Center, Bangladesh. The Registrar of Uttara University, Mr. Kazi Mohiuddin, Dean of School of Business, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam and other high officials of both the organizations were present in the agreement signing ceremony.

British American Resource Center is a leading provider of world-class English language courses in Bangladesh. BARC is the approved IELTS test venue of University of Cambridge in Bangladesh. BARC handles spoken English training across a spectrum of institutions ranging from schools, colleges and universities to businesses, companies and associations. It also helps educational institutions by training their faculty members to empower the students to use English as an effective communicative tool. The main purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the future development of students and the employees a world-class, professionally trained workforce for Uttara University. This will be accomplished by extending access to advising, lifelong learning (non-credit), and instructional supports to Uttara University. Under this agreement, both the organizations will be committed to pursue mutually agreed upon present and emerging training and educational programs.

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