DOSA Profile

Uttara University has constituted DOSA with a mission to promote and develop the issues of student affairs. To build a constructive positive image of UU by proper enhancement of internal and external student activities and to maintain effective coordination among student community, administration and academic body of UU.

Modality and issues:

DOSA will accumulate the work plans after submission from its different derivatives/clubs with budget and will submit it to the university authority for approval.


The overall activities of the student affairs department are divided in two major areas of operations.

1. External Activities

  • National & international Competitions
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Membership
  • Community Service
  • Event Participation
  • Collaboration and Liaison with External Organizations

2. Internal Activities

  • Non-academic Counseling for Students
  • Student Services and Facilities
  • Student Organizations
  • Students’ Suggestions and Complains
  • Festival Celebration
  • Students’ extra-curricular activities and competitions
  • Event Organization
  • Student ambassadors
  • In-campus student events/ campaigns of corporate organizations

Updating UU Alumni association:

  1. Requested to the head of all departments for establishes Alumni Association. Central Alumni will be established based on the departmental Alumni.
  2. Requested to all departments to arrange for sending common email to the alumni for registration.
  3. Requested to IT department for executing online alumni registration process.
  4. Requested to registrar office and IT department for insert a scrolling message regarding “online alumni registration going on” in the UU website and same message in the regular advertisement of Uttara University.

Expediting the club activities.

1. Cultural club

2. Sports club

3. Debating club

4. Social Service club

5. Computer club

6. EEE Society

7. UU Mathematics Club click for details

8. Language club

9. Environment club

10. Moot court Club

11. Center for career Development

12. Business Club

13. Research Club

14. Blood donors club

15.  Media Club (proposed)

Students’ Suggestions and Complains:

Observe National days

Developing networks and Corporate links

Officials of DOSA:

Dr. Md.Zamanur Rahman,

Prof. School of Business and

Director of Student Affairs, DOSA ,

Address: SoB (Annex Building, 3rd floor)

H# 5, Rd# 1, Sec#6, Uttara.Tell:02-58952523 Ext:101


Dr. Md. Golam Morshed

Asst. Prof., School of Business,

Additional directors of the Student Affairs

Professor Under Officer (PUO), BNCC, UU

Address: SoB (Annex Building, 2rd floor)

H# 5, Rd# 1, Sec#6, Uttara.Tell:02-58952523 Ext:101


Mr. Md. Delwar Hossen

Asst. Prof., EEE and

Additional directors of the Student Affairs


Mohitul Ameen  Ahmed Mustafi

Asst. Prof., School of Business,

Address: SoB (NZ Centre, 7th floor)

H# 5, Rd# 12, Sec#06, Uttara.Tell:02-8932325 Ext:120

Phone # +8801670334733


Mr. Md. Rabiul Alam

Section Officer, EEE and Co-Opt




DOSA office, Address: SoB (Annex Building, 3rd floor) H# 5, Rd# 1, Sec#6, Uttara.Tell:02-58952523 Ext:101


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