Dept. of CSE, Uttara University and Gazipur Mahanagar College jointly organized a seminar on ICT


A seminar was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Uttara University on the topic ‘ICT: Past, Present and Future’ jointly with Gazipur Mahanagar College at the premise of the college. Keynote speeches of the seminar were presented by Dr. A. H. M. Saifullah Sadi and Mr. Uttam Kumar Dey, both from the Dept. of CSE, Uttara University. In his keynote speech, Dr. Sadi highlighted on the application of ICT in almost every sector of industry, medical, business, education, government and day-to-day life. He emphasized on the requirement on our young people to learn ICT with positive mind-set and use the ICT skill for the welfare of the society. Mr. Uttam Kumar Dey highlighted on the smart systems that are being developed using Artificial Intelligence and pointed out that these systems are making many complex jobs much easier. Chief guest Prof. Dr. Md Mijanur Rahman, Chairman of the Dept. of CSE, UU, emphatically highlighted that after jute (the golden fiber of Bangladesh), manpower and garments industry, ICT is the latest means for us to enrich our foreign exchange through freelancing and outsourcing and therefore, the young students, who are our future leaders, must plan to gain ICT leadership skills and entrepreneurship spirit. Also, importance of ICT in health sector and biomedical applications was highlighted by Mr. Shisir Mia, a faculty member of the same department. The seminar was chaired by Professor Mostafizur Rahman Khan, the honorable principal of Gazipur Mahanagar College. 

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