Academic Scenario

'Quality Education at Affordable Tuition', is the slogan and motto of Uttara University. The creation of a knowledge based society is the commitment of this university. So to achieve all these academic activities and research facilities along with international cooperation, we have been making relentless efforts since the inception of this University.

At present Uttara University has 2 campuses: Main campus at Uttara and City campus at Mirpur. We have 05 Schools, 14 Departments and 34 Programs. These programs include courses on Humanities, Science, Engineering, Business, etc. The university prefers job-oriented and professional programs. Uttara University is the only university in Bangladesh, where M.P.Ed program is being run with the help of foreign experts. Uttara University has opened departments like Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Fashion Design and Technology and offers quality education.

With a view to achieving quality education, Uttara University appoints highly qualified full time and adjunct faculties with degrees from home and abroad. Its faculty members are academically qualified and well experienced. A variety of interacting teaching methods along with quiz, formal lectures, tutorials, role playing exercise, group study approach are applied by the teachers. Besides, projector, audio-visual system, and multimedia aid in teaching are being widely used. Often industrial visits, seminars, symposiums international conferences and workshops are also organized to make learning environment more congenial.
In addition to the above, following measures have also been taken to ensure quality education in this university.



All classrooms are fully air-conditioned and contain all sorts of teaching equipment including high resolution multimedia projectors. Classrooms are of reasonable size in accordance with its population with hygienic environment favorable for learning and interactive teaching.

IT Labs

There are 56 labs at Uttara University. Ten computer labs are available for students' use, free of cost, and are equipped with state of the art PCs, high-speed broad band, backed by optical fiber network. Both students and teachers have free access to these labs. Recently, the campuses are covered with WiFi technology, where students are enjoying wireless internet connectivity.

Departments of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE),  Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Civil and Environmental Engineering, Physics, Textile Engineering and Fashion Design and Technology (FDT) have 16, 10, 12, 1, 12 and 6 labs respectively. FDT department is enriched with 2 Pattern and Cutting Rooms, 2 Sewing Labs, Fashion and Illustration Room, Textile and Computer Lab and the Textile department have Textile Lab Equipment (Yarn, Fabric, Spinning, Wet processing etc.).

Digital System Lab

4 well-equipped digital system labs, along with different hardware equipments, are available for practical classes of engineering and IT courses. The labs are equipped with all necessary modern components so that students can get a feeling of the digital electronic lessons in a practical setting.Library
More than 30,000 books are available in six air conditioned libraries. The central library housed at the main building of the University, is equipped with rich collection of books and journals on Economics, Literature and Language, Social Science, Engineering, Religious Studies, Business, Health Education, Law. etc. The university library accommodates sufficient reference materials, periodicals to which students have easy access. Students are allowed to borrow books
for use at home for a week or two.


Uttara University is now using KOHA Library Management SystemMore than 30.000 books are available in six air conditioned libraries of UU. The central library housed at the main building of the University, is equipped with rich collection of books and journals on Economics, Literature and Language, Social Science. Religious Studies, Business, Health Education, Law etc. The university libraries accommodate sufficient reference materials, periodicals to which students have easy access. Students are allowed to borrow books for use at home for a week or two.

Institute of Policy Research (IPR)

IPR is an independent research unit of Uttara University. It is funded by the University. The Vice-Chancellor Prof. M. Azizur Rahman Ph. D (Vanderbilt University) is the 'Chief Adviser' of the Institute and Prof. Dr. Debi Narayan Rudra Paul is Director of the Institute. IPR specializes in research strategy, policy and program design, evaluating and implementing of projects on thematic areas of Economics, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, Social Policy, and Technology Transfer etc.


Center for Research for Training (CRT)


On 26.08.2017 Uttara University syndicate approved the establishment of CRT. It aims at promotion of resarch work of highest order in all branches of knowledge for the advancment and dissemination of research finding in those subjects corrently in force and also those which may be instituted in the future. CRT will arrange monitoring and evaluation research programs. It will also organize workshop, symposium, conference and seminar at national and international levels. This center will be headed by a director and to be supported by other personal to help proper functioning of the center.


The Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The establishment of IQAC is an indispensable first step towards the development of internal quality assurance system in a university. Uttara University has been awarded a project for establishment of the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 14 June 2015 with Professor Dr. Debi Narayan Rudra Paul as its Director and Mohammad Sharif Hossain as Additional Director. This award is an initiative undertaken by the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of University Grants Commission (UGC), funded by HEQEP and World Bank for quality enhancement in higher education. The IQAC of Uttara University is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring quality education at all levels of the university through facilitating of Self-Assessment Activities of nine departments (Business Administration, Education, Physical Education, English, Mathematics, Bangla, CSE, Islamic Studies and Law). From the year 2015-16, IQAC organized a good number of trainings on Teaching- Learning, Curriculum Development, Research Methodology, Report Writing, Role and Responsibility & Ethical Principles of the University Teachers, Pedagogy and Meta-cognitive Tools and Techniques for faculty members; workshops on team building, Lesson Plan & Curriculum Development, Enhancement of Quality Physical Education, Skill development in research methodology, Good Governance and Office Management, dissemination of survey results, Quality culture at Uttara University and completed External Peer Review of Self-Assessment Reports and formed Alumni associations of four Departments namely, Business  Administration, Education, Physical Education, and English

Research and Publications

Uttara University is committed to encourage high quality research by its faculty members. As part of this initiative, the university is granting a portion of funds to the faculty members. A number of research articles are published by faculty members of different schools in international and national journals. The Schools are also publishing their academic journals regularly. 'The Business Review" from School of Business (ISSN 1996-3637) is being regularly published since 2009. The Uttara University Law Journal (ISSN 2311-9241) is also been published by the Law Department. The Journal of Applied Sciences and Engineering (ISSN 2309-0294) is in the pipeline for publication. Uttara University faculty members are presenting their research articles regularly in the national and international conferences.

All the departments of Uttara University are engaged in research work. It may also be mentioned here that Prof. Dr. M. Azizur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of Uttara University and Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha also published a number of books which were acclaimed nationally and internationally. Besides, a good number of books have been published by faculty members of different schools. The summery of research contributions the of faculty members of UU is given in Table 1.


Table 1 Research Contributions of Faculty Members

Academic Journal (International)

Academic Journal (National)

Conference Publications

Newspaper Publications

Books and Other Publications







Students Graduated

So far, 15, 863 students graduated from different schools of Uttara University. The university has conferred Bachelor and Master Degrees to these students in five different convocations. The first convocation was held in 2009 and other four were held in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017 (Table 2).


Table 2 Students Graduated in Last Four Convocations

ConvocationYearNo of Students
1st Convocation 2009 4, 502
2nd Convocation 2011 1, 640
3rd Convocation 2014 3, 026
4th Convocation 2016 3, 110
5th Convocation 2017  3, 585
6th Convocation 2018  2, 589
Total   18, 452


Co-Curricular Activities

Uttara University believes in proper development of the students along with their education. For their total development, university has established six different clubs for the students: namely UU Business Club, UU Sports Club, UU Cultural Club, UU Debating Club, UU Computer Club and UU Language Club. The clubs are fully operational with their different activities like Cricket Tournaments, National Football events, National Debating Championships, Cultural Program events, Business Plan competition etc. The students have successfully participated in those competitions. To build up the morality of the students, YES group guided by Transparency International Bangladesh is in active operation too. Director (Student Affairs) Uttara University management has dicided to appoint one director and other personnel for better management and development of students welfare activities of the Uttara University. The student welfare activities will include formation of central Alumni and deprtmental Alumni associations, organization of games and sports, cultural programs, debate competitions, olympiads etc. Formation of central and departmental clubs, such as sports club, cultural club, debating club, blood donars club will also be included in the welfare activities. The Uttara
University management has appointed one director.

International Collaboration

Uttara University has achieved great success in terms of collaboration. It has created a new position to strengthen its capacity building in the area of 'International Collaboration'. The Director of 'International Collaboration' has been able to initiate dialogue with Coventry University. He has successfully signed Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) with Bedfordshire University and Orcestor University UK. Recently four more MOU have been signed with the University of Malaya, Uniersiti Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), University of Hampton (USA) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (India) with the departments of Law, Business and FDT respectively. The authority is closely working with some Canadian Universities of international repute for collaboration, exchange programs and Credit Transfer as well.

International Collaboration demands, inter alia, sharing of experiences. Keeping this in mind Uttara University in recent time participated in International  Conferences in Kulalumpur of Malaysia and Assam and Calcutta of India. Burning issues like climate change was mooted for discussion. Other issues like Culture, Society and Identity were also discussed. In these Conferences Uttara University organized parallel sessions which were presided over by Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University.

It may be mentioned that the motto of the Uttara University is Quality Education at Affordable tuition. The Government of Bangladesh has recently accepted Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which gives emphasis on Quality Education. The honorable Chairman of UGC Professor Abdul Mannan in his inaugural speech in Kulalumpur gave emphasis on Quality Education and also mentioned that Higher Education in Bangladesh is now engaged in attaining Quality Education. In this meeting the Vice-Chancellor of Uttara University also spoke on the role of Education in the National Development of the Country. In this Conference delegates from Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Quater, New Zealand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Hongkong also attended.

Assam University of India organized an International Seminar on Culture, Society and Identity: Construction and Reality. Faculties of different Universities of Bangladesh and also the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. M. Azizur Rahman, Professor Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro-Chancellor & Other faculties of Uttara University attended the seminar. Uttara University organized a Parallel Session here on Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation: Water Perspective. The Calcutta University organized an International Conference on Bongobidda, the faculties of Uttara University and also Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor attended in
this Conference. Here also Uttara University arranged a Parallel Session on Climate Variability in Greater Bengal. In this Session Vice-Chancellor of the Uttara University presided.

Tokyo University of Japan Organized an International Congress on Bengal Studies from 12 to 13 December, 2015. A group of academics headed by Professor Dr. M Azizur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of the Uttara University participated in this Congress. Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha and others were included in this group who participated in different sessions of the Congress. Educationists of other universities and also UGC Chairman Professor Abdul Mannan participated in this Congress. Moreover during this year two more International Conferences were organized jointly by Uttara University and Jahangirnagar
Uniersity on Rabindranath’s Thought on education and also on Folklore.

Another milestone in the international cooperation was the International Conference on “Business Management, Econmics & Social Sciences (ICBMESS), 2016” held in Westin Dhaka during December 21-23,2016. Scholars, Reserchers, Academia and Industry Experts from home & abroad participated in this International Conference. During these three days conference key note papers on Higher Education, Human Resources Management, Business Strategies, Quality  Management etc were presented. The honrable Vice-Chancellor & Pro Vice- Chancellor chaired two sessions of this International Conference. Subsequently two other conferences were organized in 2017 & 2018.


 See the mou list

Tuition Waiver

Along with the facilities mentioned above, brilliant and meritorious but poor students are allowed Tuition Fee waiver/ Scholarship. Siblings and spouses are also getting waiver. Tribal, disabled, Autistic and students from Freedom Fighters families are highly benefited by studying at Uttara University.


In 2018 Uttara University's credential evaluation by WES(World Education Service) & WHED (World Higher Education Database - International Association of Universities)

Uttara University has won many National and International Awards from different institutions of the world including Education Leadership Award 2012 (Delhi), Asia's Best Business School Award (Singapore)-2013, Asian CEF Business School of the Year Award, 2014 (Mumbai), UGC Award 2014-2015, Law Department won Second Position in the 6th National Math Olympiad of Bangladesh.

115 faculty members of various departments, 68 officers and staff in the university were trained in different subjects of quality assurance in higher education.
Network among the stakeholders (Student, Alumni, Faculty members, Non-academic officers and staff, Employers, Guardians, Community leaders) is established through team building workshops, Survey data collection and findings presentation by the respective SACs to improve the quality of higher education.

Uttara University has already purchased a land of 1.24 Acre for its permanent campus. The particulars of the land are “Mouza-Vatulia, Khatiyan Number- C.S-136-25, S.A-171-29, R.S-43-167, C.T-277-90-200, Dag Number-C.S & S.A-232-233, R.S-237-238, CT-1016, 1018, 1019. This is closed to Uttara Model Town, Third Phase Dhaka, Sector # 16”. Besides, Uttara University has its own building at Sector #06, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. The University authority has already taken steps for building physical and other facilities in its permanent campus. Already, 3 departments have started their academic activities in the permanent campus.


Success Story


Uttara University already celebrated 6 Convocation Ceremonies. Moreover Uttara University has won the following National & International honour: The hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Uttara University has already earned reputation as a prolific writer and a poet of repute. His Books have already been published from London, America as well as Bangladesh. Because of his contributions he has already been nominated in France for Socrates Award. Because of his contribution in the field of education he has been awarded with Atish Dipankar Gold Medal Award, 2016. His ‘book titled Footprints on the Sand’ has been published in UK and exhibited in ‘Frankfurt Book Fair’. The honour-able Pro Vice Chancellor also has in her credit publication of a couple of books published from home and abroad. For her
commendable contributions in the field of tertiary education and literature she has been honoured with MTC Global Award, 2018. The 8th World Education Summit, 2018 awarded her this honour on September 8 in Bangalore, India.


Other honours are as follows:


1. Education Leadership Award 2012 (Delhi)
2. Asia’s Best Business School Award (Singapore)-2013
3. Asian CEF Business School of the Year Award, 2014 (Mumbai)
4. Last year as well as this year two faculties of Law Department won UGC Research Award for
fundamental research.
5. In National Math Olympiad of 2014 two students of Mathematics Department won Second
and eleventh position.
In 2015 competition three students were awarded First, Third and Fift position.
In 2016 competition four students were awarded Third, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth position.
6. One EEE student of Uttara University invented a Bike to be run at a cost of taka 10 per day
with solar enargy in stead of Gas and Petrol.
7. One Civil Engineering student won first prize in International Drafting Compition participated
by public and private university students held in International Islamic University (IUT).


In addition to these honour, Uttara University has already purchased a plot of land of 178.46 decimals or 108.16 Kathas or 5.40 bighas. This is close to Uttara Model Town, Sector # 16, Dhaka. Another plot of land from Rajuk Uttara Third phase of 55 decimals or 33.33 kathas or 1.66 bighas has also been purchased.
Besides, Uttara University has its own building, House # 01, Road # 12, Sector #06, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka, on a plot of land measuring 4.76 decimals or 2.88 kathas or 0.144 bighas. The total land owned by the Uttara University is now 238.22 decimals or 144.25 kathas or 7.21 bighas. Uttara University authority has already taken steps for building physicial and other facilities in its own campus. Already 5 departments have statarted their academic activities in the permanent
campus. Others will follow the suit soon. Construction work of the permanent campus building will start in November,2018. It will be a palatial building having 3 basements and 12 stories. The academic areana of the building will cover a floor area of 2,61000 sft. To conclude it can be said that imparting education is a nobler task. Therefore, our commitment to this will go a long way in building a knowledge based society and educated citizenry.


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